First Entry!

Hi everybody!  We're re-designing the site to prepare for the launch of "ENYA" in a few months, and decided now would be a great time to add a blog!  I do have some experience with writing, so hopefully this won't be a dull read for all of you!  This is also a better place to mention quick notes about developments and other stuff I'm doing without being in the "official news" section.  You can also comment back to me here, and there's a guestbook over on the right side of the screen for your use also! 

I'll be adding more here about "ENYA" and other goodies... maybe a tracklist soon!  The album is about 3/4 complete and I'm working as fast as my vocal cords will let me to get it finished and out to all of you!  

Thanks!!  XOXO  ~Phillip

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