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  1. Of the Loved

From the recording The Secret of the Dawn

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Do you think of me the way I think of you?
When holding my hand, do you understand?
A moment away feels like ten thousand years
I walk in the path of the loved

Think of the day, think of the night
Think of the way we would dream eternity will never be
The sun is now my only light!
Think of the moon, think of the stars
Think of the legends of the deep
This treasure before me to keep

Do you wonder why there are clouds in the sky?
It's all for the rain, til the sun comes again
If time is my friend then our love never ends
I walk in the path of the loved

Love is an ocean (flowing forever)
Where does it find me? (on distant shores)
Love is a flower (blooming forever)
With a color never fading
Nothing is the same