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  1. Morning's Light

From the recording Solea

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Why do you think the sky will never fall down?
Why do you dream when action is the only way?
What would you say if someone said "it's over?"
Lose control - you never had it anyway

Where do you go when home is very far away?
Where is the way you made - it never was at all.
What would you say if all you found was destiny?
Lose control, and then you'll fly

Away now
Look into the sky and see a friendly face
It's just a while until the morning comes
Angels around you now
Sunlight dries your tears
With morning's light

When is the time when mind will meet the body?
Where is the place where knowledge is the only road?
Why does it rain when all you need is sunlight?
Lose control - you never had it anyway.

I know the way, the intersection's up ahead
Turn to the right then on until the morning light
You'll find it soon, the circle's now a straight line
Lose control and then you'll fly!