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Album Nearing Completion - What a Journey! 

The album is mostly finished now.  All the Enya tracks are done and mastered.  I'm working on two originals now to include with the 14 Enya tracks!

This has been over two years of effort, learning, discovery, frustration, and joy.  I really feel as if I was following in Enya, Nicky, and Roma's steps as I traced through the years of their own development.  I realized there was so much to investigate - what kind of equipment made this sound?  What kind of mic placement was used on this track, or on this part of this track?  I ended up purchasing as much of their original equipment as I could find and then many trial-and-error processes began.

I discovered a lot about the songs themselves and how they were constructed.  Anywhere Is, for example, was not sung straight through, not even a single verse.  The only way to sing it and have it sound strong throughout is to break it up almost line by line.  But that creates a whole host of other problems, as keeping each section (phrase) sounding even from line to line is quite difficult. 

I have many, many more stories to tell about this and all the other tracks, which is why I've decided to chronicle my experiences of creating this album by writing a book about it.  It may not be a very long book, but it'll be something I think the fans will enjoy, both my own and Enya's (hopefully there is some overlap between the two :)  More details on that to come!

Thank you for all your love and support over these past two years - we are almost there!



First Entry! 

Hi everybody!  We're re-designing the site to prepare for the launch of "ENYA" in a few months, and decided now would be a great time to add a blog!  I do have some experience with writing, so hopefully this won't be a dull read for all of you!  This is also a better place to mention quick notes about developments and other stuff I'm doing without being in the "official news" section.  You can also comment back to me here, and there's a guestbook over on the right side of the screen for your use also! 

I'll be adding more here about "ENYA" and other goodies... maybe a tracklist soon!  The album is about 3/4 complete and I'm working as fast as my vocal cords will let me to get it finished and out to all of you!  

Thanks!!  XOXO  ~Phillip